Guyra Milling

Guyra Milling is situated at Guyra on the New England Tablelands in the heart of one of the largest sheep and cattle producing areas.

Located between Brisbane and Sydney on the New England Highway, and central to the coast and grain producing areas of Moree and the Liverpool Plains, Guyra Milling is ideally placed to service any livestock producers.

Guyra Milling is owned by a local Armidale family – Jack, Belinda, Isobel, Adelaide and Zara Vivers, who take great pride in being able to supply quality products for ruminants and poultry at affordable prices.

It gives us great pleasure be a part of this wonderful community and to run a business that is so helpful to the region all year round
Jack Vivers
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Our Partners

Meet Watershed Group

Watershed Group is a newly established business focusing on providing information and advice to farmers across Northern New South Wales. The Watershed Group have extensive knowledge in the agricultural industry with specific focus on intensive feeding.

Watershed currently have two offices in NSW; Guyra and Gunnedah. Our Guyra team have over 10 years’ experience in the agricultural sector, and can provide producers with animal health and nutrition assistance. Based in our Gunnedah office, Sandy is responsible for our grain trading business. After spending 2 years in Guyra, Sandy focuses on providing up to date information and advice on all commodities.

Sandy Frend Grain Trading & Marketing
Ph: 0427 715 578
52 Elgin Street, Gunnedah NSW 2380
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